Strong songwriters manage to make even their most personal work resonate with an audience.  My Own Best Enemy‘s tales of remorse, yearning, and defiance should connect with those also seeking peace of mind and freedom.  At his best, Patterson illuminates the common mistakes and desires that bind us together as people, emphasizing that we are far from alone on life’s chaotic journey.
-Goodnight Hestia

"Dan brings a high energy show that leaves your guest understanding the true spirt of Americana.  Almost like the fun loving family everyone wishes they had! A great mix of originals and covers pleases everyone!"
Dustin Morgan
The Office Grill & Sports Bar
Lubbock, TX

"Smoke in my lungs is an album from Dan Patterson, a Texan who's heavily influenced by Ragweed, Gin Blossoms and the Black Crowes. He's a great representation of a Red Dirt scene that gets better day to day.
It's guys like Dan who I'm going to follow into the future. I can't wait for their next release! "Smoke in My Lungs" is one of the best albums I've heard this year!"
Filipi Junio
Belo Horizante, Brazil

"When you hear it, you begin hearing a combination of Brandon Adams and early Cross Canadian Ragweed. Lyrically, it’s a smooth whiskey shot where Patterson’s phrasing stand out."
Thomas Mooney
New Slang
Lubbock, TX